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Do I have to?

Used to be that I had to read books for work, as a bookseller at UBS. But now, I can ask myself, is that what I want to do with my time..and energy. And which books do I really want to read. Hmmm......

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Ruhlman's Twenty: The Ideas and Techniques that Will Make You a Better Cook
Michael Ruhlman, Donna Turner Ruhlman
Angelspeake: How to Talk With Your Angels
Barbara Mark
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Vamos a ver! (We shall see...)

 What this new place--for book lovers--will turn into is still up for grabs. Usedbuyer, my main man, is giving it a go...& if he can download all his book info from various other sites then this just might work.


He has done a huge amount of reading and I look to him for all of the low-down. Me, I like to hang-out in the sidelines, for the most part, unless I am going through a high energy phase, which sometimes happens.


One thing that Usedbuyer doesn't usually cover is books of a meta-variety and the scifi/fantasy that I also love. I may just have to pull out my fog horn for those titles. Look at the books I've posted so far. Most of them are top-notch so I encourage you to open your mind to the more sketchy (considered to be that by most) of them.


I am a practicing psychic, have been for y-e-a-r-s, so I have read a number of books for psychic development and the spiritual side of all of life's moments. Dig deep with me and maybe we can dig our ways through the Earth-mother to the inexhaustible Uber-verse.


"May peace and peace and peace be yours."

~Upanishads and Jan